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Our Company is still very small by comparison but we are rapidly developing a Client base around the world!. We provide a high quality service on a personal level and stress good communication skills and honest business practices. We have an extensive remote staff of Graphic Designers, Sales & Support and you may work from your home in many positions.

All Applicants should familiarize themselves with the Arcive Websites and send us a simple explanation of what your goals are and where you see yourself in our company as we grow in the future. Because we are orienting our services to both the Corporate and Entertainment industries our personnel will comprise a diverse range of backgrounds, abilities and talents.


Select the Job Opening you want to research...respond by email, no phone calls please...

Sales Representatives

Generate website business, Contact Hollywood, Los Angeles or your local area Corporate and Small business prospects. Pitch video, database & web technologies.

Candidates must have extensive business contacts & at least 2 years experience in marketing to OEM and small business. Reps are responsible to generate web construction leads before having new leads provided.



JavaScript Programmers

Java applets: Specifically, we are looking for programers who have designed JavaScripts that do this process: Using the Sun Java/Video JTAPI "JAVA TELEPHONY API" DO THE FOLLOWING:

1: "Grab" audio and video from a customers' personal computer camera and transmit video and sound to another person VIA WEB BROWSERS NOT STAND A ALONE APPLICATION

2. Must be PC and Mac compatable and mounted in html file of first webpage.

 (Instructions: Attach samples of your html files to your response email along with your information (Note, must be operational on a website and make sure to include the URL for the website(s)

Work at Home! $10 commision paid for every end user who becomes active paying client using this code. Once the code is up and in place you literally will get checks for doing no more than making sure it is up to date and working.


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