Do it Right and Your Company will Succeed!

There are so many success stories and vast amounts of profits being generated on the web that it has created a climate for what we call a "car sales" mentality.

Most web design companies are focusing their efforts on obtaining as many customers as possible, creating a "generic" website for them and moving on to the next customer before the reality of the market becomes apparent. The truth of the matter is that if you want to compete in the internet market of today you will need to develop a web presence that will stand out in comparison to your competitors, and maintain a marketing strategy over the long term that will keep you in the game.

Way back in 1999; 10,000 webpages and websites were being created every day. Today; 6,000 are being created EVERY HOUR! In 1996 it took 3 days to have your website added to the top 10 search engines... Today, Even if you submit the site properly it can still take up to 6 months...and some search engines are so overworked your website may NEVER be added!

Still your email is full of web "Search Specialists" who claim they can get you in the TOP 10 spots on "Major Serach Engines" for $9.95... We have found most of these to be FALSE! We know because we've tried $9.95 services AND $5,000 services... Some work, some of the time, some don't.

The Truth!

There are no simple solutions. However, we have found that if you create a superior website, stay on track with regular searcher submissions and promote your website in other mediums you will gain.